Commercial Games

Over the last years I have had honour to meaningfully contribute to dozens of games and software projects. Below you can find a short selection of games that I shipped and were of particular interest to me.

Crusader Kings III – September 2020 (PC), March 2022 (Consoles)

  • Historical Grand Strategy game with tons of options for roleplaying
  • Longtail sales model with high value DLCs
  • Extensive mod support and flexibility.

Starship Troopers: Terran Command – June 2022

  • Realtime Strategy using the Starship Troopers License
  • Narrative driven scenarios
  • Developed with support of Sony Film Studios

ICBM – November 2020

  • Multiplayer focussed game in the style of Defcon.
  • Full Playfab integration, ladder support and seasonal events.
  • Extensive mod support and flexibility.

Command: Modern Operations – November 2019

  • The sequel to Command Modern Air/Naval Operations.
  • Integrates technology and code as used by defense and military organizations around the world.
  • Ensured and pioneered full backwards compatibility for all DLCs and user generated content.

Close Combat: The Bloody First – October 2019

  • A serious strategy game series with a long history.
  • Pioneered the transfer to a new proprietary engine (Archon – Slitherine).
  • Strong and passionate fanbase, walking the line between innovation and traditional gameplay.

Warhammer 40:000 Gladius – Relics of War – July 2018

  • Strategy game close to Civ, but more focus on warfare.
  • Working with GamesWorkshop license holder.

Oriental Empires – September 2017

  • A unique blend of elements from Civ and Total War.
  • Working with experienced designer Robert Smith (ex-Total War).
  • Cultivating a dedicated online community.

Conarium – June 2017

  • Unreal 4, Adventure game with State-of-the-art graphics