Pro Software

With Slitherine (, I have had the opportunity to manage several professional adaptations of commercial software, with the aim of making them useful for serious wargaming applications for military and defense organizations. As a producer of ‘Pro Software’, I have had the opportunity to work with the USMC, USAAF, the Luftwaffe, BAE Systems, DSTL and many others.

Command – Modern Air/Naval Operations Professional Edition

Developed by: Warfaresims

  • Professional Edition of highly successful military sim
  • Listening to, discussing and prioritizing requests from customers for future developments and support.

Flashpoint Campaigns

Developed by: OnTargetSimulations

  • A great tool for simulating modern battles and electronic warfare
  • Integrates a unique and flexible OODA loop system.
  • Continuous improvements based on clients needs and wishes.

Combat Mission

Developed by: Battlefront

  • Has the ability to model modern battlefield tactics
  • Updated and improved to simulate the latest military technologies.
  • Used by organizations such as DSTL.